Young Dolph Accuses Yo Gotti Of Pressing Charges On Him

Young Dolph has thrown subtle jabs at Yo Gotti in the past, but all hell broke loose Wednesday.
Dolph made a guest appearance on Trouble’s “Ready (Remix)” and took aim at Gotti and Blac Youngsta.
Dolph opens his verse, rapping, “All of my n****s, they ready/Y’all some p*****s, y’all scary/All on the Internet telling/Tryna have a real n***a jailing/Sh*t round my neck so heavy/I’ma keep dripping sauce, spaghetti.”
Dolph later goes on to rap, “Any n***a that record when it’s time for gangster sh*t, he the police/And I f****d your boss man’s baby mama in the same hotel for four weeks/Never send a little boy to take care of grown man business/If I was you I’d be mad at me too, so I ain’t trippin.”

Blac recorded a diss record of his own targeting Dolph titled “Shake Sum,” which appears on his newly released “Young & Reckless” mixtape.

Dolph not only made his feelings about Gotti known on wax, but also the Gram, referring to the “Down In The DM” rapper as “Ho Gotti.”
“I’ve been sparing yo b***h ass for years and the whole city know it,” said in the first of four IG posts. “Ho Gotti, you is a b***h ass n***a. I just got back to the city, they say you tryna put charges on me and put the police on me. You send yo little n***a out to do all your talking. Talk for yourself, you b***h ass n***a!”
The caption on Dolph’s first IG post read, “First thang first everybody kno it’s u HO GOTTI, dats sendin your artist out to say da lame shit he been sayin and doin ..LOL(lame)… I GUESS U STILL MAD CAUSE I DIDN’T NEVER SIGN WIT YO PUSSY ASS.. Or is u still in your feelings cause u fail out wit Gucci Mane and u was mad at me cause I kept rockin wit Gucci. Sound like a lotta BITCH SHIT TO ME.. How u do all dat HATIN on me, then go put da police on me.. shit sad… U CAME IN DA GAME HATIN ON 3-6 Mafia, NOW U HATIN ON DOLPH(smh) WWF ass nixxa‼”

Dolph calls Gotti jealous in his second post.
“Aye, that big head down syndrome looking motherf****r hate on everybody from the City that get some real money” he said. “You started off hating on Three 6 and they was having Oscars and sh*t. You had to hate cause you was broke, that’s the only way you could get attention. You a broke boy, now you hating on Dolph.”
The caption on this post read, “currently on da eway in one of my foreign’s dat I got off da SHOWROOM floor wit 0 mileage… And I got HO’ GOTTI first 3 record deals on my wrist‼ #iTriedTo SpareYourP***Yass #YouDidItToYourself #TalkForYourselfB***H #YOURArtistNeverMetMEinHisLife #FakestRapperInTheGameGoToHoGottismh.”

Dolph again makes claim of Gotti pressing charges on him in his third post, writing, “i wasn’t gonna say nuthin bout none of this shit but, when I got to Memphis today dis the news i got…. SMH, dis pussy is a disgrace to Memphis.. Dis nixxa on sum police shit y’all better read thru da lines. And he gonna send all his nixxas out to crash out like he been doin cause he a pussy and not gonna do shit hisself.. U HATE ME DAT BAD BRA? Sorry for askin, I KNOW U DO‼ u tried to hold your HATIN in long as you could, but i guess u can’t take it no more…. DIS DA FAKEST NIXXA IN DA MUSIC GAME AND IM SHAME TO SAY DIS PUSSY FROM MEMPHIS‼ I feel sorry for all da ones dat support dis WWF as nixxa………… smh #BigHeadDownSyndromLookinAssNixxa#HoGotti

In Dolph’s final post, he accused Gotti of wearing fake jewelry.

“HO GOTTI boy u faker than them fake ass watches @fakewatchbusta been bustin u with!” he wrote. “(BUSTED)… U one of da first ones they busted….. You say u a REAL nixxa too much to be wearing fake ice bra.. Take dat monkey shit off u embarrassing us‼ smh…. #FakestRapperInTheGameGoesToHoGotti #TalkForYourselfB***H.”

A few weeks ago, Blac got at Dolph in an IG video over the “King Of Memphis” title.

“Aye man, I’ma keep this sh*t G, bruh,” he said. “Dolph, you a b***h. You a soft ass n***a. You nice ass n***a. If you got a problem, say you got a problem. Shake ass, b***h ass n***a. You ain’t no king of Memphis. You ain’t no king of South Memphis. You ain’t from the city, b***h!”
Dolph is suspected of sneak dissing Gotti on Twitter a few weeks ago. Dolph proclaimed himself King of Memphis and announced his album would be titled the same.

Dolph sat down with Hip Hops Revival to speak on his royal title and whether there are any issues between himself and Gotti.

“It’s just how I was feeling at the time,” he said. “The present moment right now. It is what it is. All of my dogs kings. Everybody that associate with me, deal with me on a day-to-day basis, they feel like they a king. You taking care of business, you feeding your fam, you doing yo thing, all about your business, your responsibilities in life, you can’t do nothing but feel like a king. I know that’s what I am. Ain’t no sense in me beating around the bush.”
Dolph said he’s the next best thing to pop in Memphis.
“I’m the new one. I’m the one right now,” he said. “I’m the last one to break out my city and go crazy with this sh*t. Not only that, I done did this sh*t a whole nother way that ain’t no other ever did before. All the artist that broke and just blew up and got to the level where I’m on right now, they was in situations where they was in deals with labels. That’s the difference between me and a lot of artists that came out the city.”
Dolph said his controversial tweets don’t apply to Yo Gotti. According to him, it’s just how he felt at the time.
“Really, it ain’t no issue with me,” he said. “It’s just how I feel about everything. One thing don’t apply to Yo Gotti, it’s just how I’m feeling towards everything. I’m letting the world know this what it is. If you got a problem with it, that’s on you. The only people who have a problem with what I’m doing is the person that’s hating on me or don’t wanna see me win. How can I pay attention to them kind of people. But I’ma do me regardless. I can’t try to calm myself down and stay in a box, so nobody won’t feel offended. I might as well not rap then if I can’t tell the truth. It is what it is. I’m just letting the world know.”
Blac Youngsta opened up on his beef with Young Dolph during an appearance at 94.5 Streetz Atlanta and talked whether their issues could be resolved.

“I ain’t no bully. Anything fixable with me,” Youngsta said. “…If you don’t want no problem, you don’t want no problem. I’m young, I’m 25. When something get to me, I ain’t with the level-head. I’m high, I’m bi-polar.”
Youngsta said his problems with Dolph stemmed from some real “street sh*t.”
“I’m young,” he said. “I reacted how I reacted. I don’t regret my actions, but I know I could’ve did it better. I’m high, 40 to drink waking up.”
Youngsta said he calmed down after a talk with Yo Gotti.
Yo Gotti sat down with Tim Westwood TV to discuss Blac Youngsta’s controversial video where he openly threatened rival Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

“It was a misunderstanding,” he said. “Ain’t nothing really popping.”
Gotti attributes Youngsta’s poor decisions to his age. Youngsta is 25.
“Little homie young, though,” Gotti said. “Little homie young and wild in the streets. They just move a little different.”
Gotti says he serves as a mentor to Youngsta.
“Little homie on the team, so I always give him the proper advice that I believe I should give him from a big brother standpoint of what I think you shouldn’t do,” he said. “It ain’t really worth it. We got too much paper to get.”
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