Young Chop Goes On Rant, Says the Industry Stole Chief Keef and His Style

Young Chop went on an emotional rant while riding in the whip. Chop accused others of not giving him the respect he deserve and stealing his style.

“I’m back on y’all p***y a– n****s,” he said. “All y’all lame as producers. Y’all can suck my d**k. And I ain’t aiming at nobody. They know who the f**k they is. F**k you b***h a– n****s. I’m on y’all n****s a–. Y’all n****s can’t f**k with me, period. And I’m gon merch that cause y’all b***h a– n****s can’t do what I do. Y’all n****s can’t do what I do. Y’all lame as f**k.

“All these b***h a– n****s steady stealing our sh*t,” he continued. “And we just letting y’all n****s just run with out sh*t. Y’all running with my son’s [Chief Keef] flows. Stop doing that. Y’all n****s stealing beats, swag, using the Young Chop snare.”

Check out Young Chop’s rant in full above.

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