Tupac Wanted To Rebuild Black Community

A very profound clip from the “7 Dayz” documentary was released showing the late Tupac Shakur discussing his plans to “control the world.”
“This rap is just a conductor to what we really want to do… control the world,” Tupac said. “Small things, just one thing. We just want to control the world.”
Tupac further elaborated that the world he is focusing on is the black community.
“And when I say world, I mean our world,” he said. “Like my life is my world and your life is your world. When I say controlling the world, I mean like controlling our own world. At least, we can have movie theaters, stores, a community. We don’t even have a community. They got Little Italy, little everything. They don’t have a Little Africa, they got the ghetto. We think that that’s ours. That’s not even ours. That’s what’s left over.”
Deep. What are your thoughts on Tupac’s words? Sound off below.
Check out Tupac interview below

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