Mixtape Review: Team 600- ‘In L’A We Trust’

The 600 camp boasts some of the hottest street rappers in the Chi. It was only right for Team 600 to combine their talents for the block’s first-ever compilation mixtape “In L’A We Trust.” This tape, hosted by DJ Bandz features the lyrical talents of 600 rappers Edai, Cdai, Drose, Booka, Dotarachi, Tay 600, RondoNumbaNine, L’A Capone and Huncho Hoodo.
Edai begins this mixtape promising fans a turnt listening experience. What better track to begin this tape than with Edai’s single “War.” This track is Edai’s battle drum record against his opps.

Six double 0 is the only squad Edai trusts. Edai’s original “Six Double 0 Part 1” made this tape. This single features L’A Capone, S. Dot aka Dotarachi, and RondoNumbaNine. All artists rep their block hard on this track.
Edai raps, “You n****s ain’t s**t, f**k around with the six, you gon get your ass smoked/My n****s hitting licks, then selling that s**t, we got s**t for the low/You n****s be flexing, y’all act like b*****s, y’all just like h*es.”
L’A Capone begins his verse, first paying homage to deceased comrades. He raps, “Rest in peace my guys that’s from six double 0/40 cal. go bow, my side of the town little n****s tote poles/We toting s**t, we blowing s**t on road 6-O.”
S. Dot, too, remembers a deceased friend in his verse. He pays homage to slain 600 native Marcus London, aka Baldy, rapping, “Rest in peace to Baldy, he made me six double 0/Baldy World, Shaq City, D-Block, b***h I’m from six double 0/In the foreign, riding fast, you don’t want to see me rolling, got my wrist kind of froze.”
Rondo has the final verse of this track, rapping, “NumbaNine a shooter that’s from six double 0/Tay 600 up them rugers, n****s already know/Cdai in the cut and f**k you up n****s know he gon blow/You can check that score, I got shooters no joke.”

Edai’s ‘Six0’ is another ode to his 600 block. This track features Cdai and Drose.

Edai and Cdai collaborated for the single “Got Shooters.”
Cdai raps, “Got shooters, got shooters, got rugers, got rugers, them glocks/We do a drill then we slide and pop up on your block/I catch a opp then I swear I’ma pop off his top.”
Edai handles the hook and his own verse, rapping, “I got shooters on deck, they shooting them techs with mops/You ain’t from round here, don’t come around my block/I got shooters on deck from 0-6-0 to O’Block.”

Booka, Dotarachi and Tay 600 are some “Otha sh*t.” The three rappers boast a life of savagery and crime.
Dot hits this track off, rapping, “We bout action, that action, now don’t think this sh*t just rapping/All that cappin, that cappin, on site, no talking, all action/B****h, I’m psycho, I’m crazy and my little bro, he a savage.”
Booka raps, “We got 50s, they semis, we blow that piss out yo kidneys/I go cray for my squad, I leave a n***a on T-Streets/You ain’t from my squad, I leave a n***a on Zekoe/And I’m smoking on Fat Head and I swear I see three people.”
Tay 600 finishes this track, rapping, “I got hollows and 30s, man I don’t play I’m a savage/N****s talmbout I’m lackin, he better stop, I got ratchets/We are felons, no telling on 50 shots, you can have it.”

Team 600 aren’t up next, they’re up now. RondoNumbaNine anchored his squad in his “OG Bobby Johnson” freestyle. He also got some help from Edai and Cdai.
This track made its introduction on Rondo’s “Real N*gga 4 Life 2” mixtape.
Rondo commandeers this track, rapping, “I ain’t tryna hear s**t, b***h it’s f**k you, pay me/If I see a opp, I’ma put em on the f*****g pavement/Call me numba nine or Rondo baby/I be going crazy, b***h it’s (?)/I’ma pull up on a n****a up a couple glocks, with a couple 30 shots, and make a n***a diddy bop.”
Edai follows, rapping, “50 in the tanks plus a cooler/N***a, I ain’t chasing no h*es in the streets n***a, I’m just looking for the mula/Where I’m from, team 600 always upping Rugers/Pop a lot of pills got a n***a feeling zooted/I don’t gotta ask you don’t want war, you you?”
Cdai finishes this track, rapping, “Run up on his ass with the mop stick/I ain’t playing with his ass, I’ma drop him quick, then bail out, can’t tell now/Shoot a nigga look now they wanna tell now/Bullets float like boats make em sail out/F*****g on this thot make her yell out/When she done sucking d**k, she gotta bail out.”

L’A Capone and Edai are “Ridin In A Coupe” in their collaborative track. Capone and Edai both hit this track with a “lazy flow.”
Edai raps, “I say, ‘B***h, don’t run up on L’A/I’ll up a chopper, got you p*****s bailing/I’m smoking dope, I know you smell it/600 do a lot of killing/I swear them opp boys want to be just like us, they jacking style, them n****s stealing/I’m stacking money to the ceiling/Got a 30 and you can feel it.”
L’A raps, “You probably heard of me, I’m L’A/And all the f**k I know is get cake/I got a whole lot of food on my plate/I man down him then shoot out of state/And every day I step out, I be so flee/If you ain’t know, I’m L’A baby!”

Cdai carries the track “Just To Let U Know” all by his lonesome. Cdai expresses sinister thoughts and plots revenge after losing friends to the streets.
“I lost so many guys, wish I can get em back/Just to let you know, b***h I ain’t having that/Pull up on yo block, quick as hell, I’m clapping that,” he raps in the hook.
Cdai pays homage to slain friends D-Thang and L’A Capone in the opening verse, rapping, “D-Thang, L’A/Can’t forget about you/Man, this s**t is crazy/Can’t believe I’m here without you/But I’ma get am back, I promise I’ma get em back/I’ma get the mac, I load it up and let it clap.”

Edai dropped bars for his latest track “Free Rondo” over Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” instrumental.
Edai raps, “Free Rondo, my f****ng brother/Yo man a sn*tch, he undercover/They give me top and then they top each other/I’m so sucker free, you f*cking suckers/Don’t f*ck with too many cause these n*ggas on that fu sh*t.”

Rondo’s sequel to single “Go Crazy” make its introduction on this tape.
In “Go Crazy Pt. 2,” Rondo raps, “I’m scoring, going crazy/I’m riding around off the lazy/That dope, it got me high ass as f**k/See a opp, I light em up/Them bullets coming, you better run/My n****s, yeah they shoot for fun.”

Edai’s track “Monsters” initially had former SODMG rapper John Boy featured. But Edai decided to make the track’s remix an all-600 affair. The “Team 600” mixtape version features Tay 600 and RondoNumbaNine.

Dotarachi is on his “Squad S**t,” rapping, “Whole lotta shooters on my set/One false move get em clapped/Boy, I ain’t even gotta talk, I’m (?) get em whacked.”

L’A Capone was a rider for 600. Capone’s single “Down To Ride” is a testament to that.
This track is short and sweet as Capone raps, “I use to f**k with plenty hitters, some of them n****s fake/Them crackas try to hold my n****s, so it’s f**k the jakes/That boy boy be acting like he with it, but he sweet as cake/Loyalty don’t come in a circle, boy these n****s snakes.”

Tay 600’s “Brothaz” is an ode to 600, especially L’A Capone. This track pretty much sums up the camaraderie amongst 600 rappers in this tape.
Tay raps, “L’A was my brother, that boy you can’t compare, he like no other/They took my brother an left me to suffer/But I’ma sang it right before the summer/For my brothers, free all of my day ones/If I get caught I don’t say nothing.”

Edai’s life, squad, team and everything he holds dear is 6 Double 0. Edai’s original single “Six Double 0” was a huge hit, so it was only right for the South Side rapper to record a part two. This is track was made in remembrance of slain rapper L’A Capone.
This track features Dotarachie, Tay600 and RondoNumbaNine.
Edai begins this track, rapping, “If it’s about my squad, I can tell yall don’t want no parts/They done killed my bro, now these n****s done got me charged/Came (?) with my squad, all my little n****s, they sharks.”
S. Dot is next up, rapping, “Man I live for 6 Double 0/It can get real on 6 Double 0/On the block, doing drills til Jakes get hot, can’t chill on 6 Double 0/With the squad where doing our thing/If you ain’t from round here, f**k around and get changed/F**k around get (?)/Disrespect my name, disrespect L’A.”
Tay600 raps, “My homie got killed on 6 Double 0, so I’m still toting steels on 6 Double 0/I’m way in the field on 6 Double 0 cause s**t real on 6 Double 0/And I’m 6 Double 0, I chase that bag, 6 mil for a show/And on 6 double0, you don’t f**k my squad, then b***h gotta go.”
Rondo finishes up the work, rapping, “On 6 Double, why they take L’A/Throw the choppers and they gotta pay/Shoot em dead with the glock or the A/Shots in the f*****g face, you know I don’t play/On Lil Steve man, I can’t wait.”

Team 600 took Gangster Rap to another level in “In L’A We Trust.” This dark mixtape epitomizes the savagery of the 600 camp. The unreleased tracks featuring L’A Capone were a huge bonus for this project. This project upped the bar for all compilation mixtapes in the Chi. This tape was important as it reintroduced some of 600’s talented artists. This tape was also a good chess move in taking the artists from the camp to the next level in Hip Hop.

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