Soulja Boy Says Rico Recklezz Is Looking For Clout

The month of November has turned out to be pretty eventful for Soulja Boy. Soulja has been into it with numerous people, including Lil Yachty and Rico Recklezz.

Soulja sat down with Vlad TV to speak on his issues with the latter rapper.

“Shawty [Rico Recklezz] a– ain’t even on a crumb. Shawty a– ain’t on s**t,” Soulja Boy said. “He just dissed the whole Chicago, and called apologizing to everybody he dissed. He looking for clout. I don’t know why we talking about him right now. This what he looking for right now. He can’t wait to hear me say his name cause I’ll never say his name. And I don’t even know him. He dissing me cause of Lil Yachty. You dissing me about another man over a b***h he ain’t never met. That’s how you know the whole situation goofy. It ain’t about no money, it ain’t about no bricks. I ain’t run off with yo bricks, I ain’t run off with yo work. I ain’t finessed you. I don’t know you. You ain’t never met me in real life. This is fake beef. I don’t even know you. You made a song called ‘Crank That’ on my beat. You goofy a– hell. This man ain’t never seen a million dollars in his life. I made a million when I was 17. Rico what? Y’all is tweaking right now.”

Watch Soulja Boy’s interview above.

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