She Still Needs Gas Money: Starring BossTop

BossTop ain’t for none. The Savage Squad rapper happened to run across an elderly woman infamous for having the same car break down daily and asking passing motorists for gas money.
“On BD, Herb, I told you this b***h still out here. Tryna finesse us now. She’s holding up traffic,” Top said in an IG video.
As Top passes the woman, he screams, “You need some gas? You always out here. Get the f**k from out here!”

Readers were first introduced to this woman through Herb who profiled the woman via IG.
“Everynight she is Pitifullllll…Lmaoo!

“This Old Hoe Steady Trynna Finness Da Gang,” the captions on his posts read.

Herb recorded two occasions of himself interacting with the woman who gives the same spill about running out of fuel. The second occurrence didn’t end too well for the woman who was subsequently drenched with water by a member of Herb’s crew before the “4 Minutes of Hell” rapper sped off.

But Herb coincidently ran into another woman who claimed to need gas. She luckily didn’t end up with water thrown in her face. Herb instead blessed her with money.
“NBS Datz Crazy We Just Bump Into Anotha Mf Needed [gas] Just Blessed Her Doe,” the caption on his post read.

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