Sean Kingston Denies Migos Jumping Him

#seankingston says he doesn't have a scratch on him ?? #migos #quavo #offset #takeoff

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Rumors circulated on the net last night of Migos laying hands and boots on Sean Kingston. Sean Kingston has since taken to social media to deny those claims.

He said, “Look at your boy, man. It look like I got jumped? I look smooth as a motherf*****g ice.”

The Game created a post on IG that sparked rumors of an alleged confrontation between Migos and Sean Kingston in Las Vegas.

Game’s meme read, “I’m psychic… Sean Kingston fat a– gone get jumped in Vegas 30 min ago.”

Game captioned his post, “#TwinkiesFlyingEverywhere #RainDropKickDonutsFallin OuttaFatBitch #BraUnSnapped #TittiesJigglinOn TheWayDownNShit #iGotTheTape #ImSellinTheseMothafckasFor5995 (O-Dog voice).”

Footage surfaced on the net of the encounter between Offset and Kingston, which didn’t show any physical altercation.

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