Sauce Walka Disses Famous Dex, Drake and Future In ‘Holy Sauce’ Artwork?

Sauce Walka wants it to be known that he is the originator of the sauce. Sauce Walka got social media talking early Tuesday after posting the artwork for his upcoming project “Holy Sauce” onto his IG account.
The artwork features Famous Dex, Drake and Future at Sauce Walka’s crucifixion.
“#HolySauce be thy name!!” the caption on his post read.

It’s a wonder why Sauce would take a shot at Dex. Dex experienced immense success with “Drip From My Walk,” but wasn’t too proud to give credit where it was due.

Dex and Sauce even hopped on a remix to the track.
Dex posted video of himself on a call with Sauce Walka.
“I’m f******g with you, though,” Sauce Walka said. “For real, we gon make history with this sh*t.”

Sauce called the song collaboration a “Sauce Bomb.”

Sauce has long been at odds with Drake.

Sauce took to social media to call out Drake for appropriating Houston culture in his music, and not putting on H-Town artists.
“I’m from Splash Town, not from H-Town cause yall H-Twon n*ggas is looking gay!” Walka said. “All this fake ass sh*t going on in my motherf*cking city. These n*ggas don’t f*ck with us. N*ggas using us. N*gga coming down here using our culture for lyrical content and ain’t giving sh*t back but a family fun day and some money to some h*es he tricking on in the club. This b*tch ass n*gga made music with artists from everywhere but Houston, but he throwing H-Town.”
The Houston native went on to shout out Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne and The Migos for giving back to the city by collaborating on music with the City’s talent.
But Drake, he said, has yet to collaborate on music with a Houston rapper.
Walka added on IG, “N*ggaz using us!! #ISaid it @champagnepapi.
“NOT IN MY FEELINGS IM JUS #TRILLSPILL Simple facts!!!!” he continued. “I’ll wait for the #Answer #TrillOG don’t count big homie from #PortArther!! We talking bout #HTine….. #ItDoesnMakeSenseToME.”
Drake defended himself in front of a packed crowd in Houston.
“I’m really honest with you,” Drake told a packed crowd. “I don’t give a f*ck what any n*gga says about me. This is a place I love with all my heart. I try to give you more than I ever take from you. F*ck what them n*ggas talking about.”

Sauce later unleashed his frustrations out on Drake in song “Wack To Wack.” Sauce rhymed over Drizzy’s “Back To Back” beat.
Sauce raps, “This n***a got a p***y in his pants/I don’t want to hear I’m picking on this n***a again/I knew the first day we met that we could never be friends/Cause you a motherf*****g b***h, you a clown ass actor.”

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