Zekey Boy Da Man Lays Down Chicago G-Code In ‘Born & Raised In Chiraq’

Zekey Boy Da Man was taught G-Code upon leaving the baby crib.

There are rules to be learned to surive in a City that has been named the murder capital several times. Zekey knows these rules all too well. He has plenty of street wit to navigate himself though the Chi’s turbulent streets. But that’s a given when you’re “Born & Raised In Chiraq.” He is a “hundred” percent from the streets as he hails from the Wild Hundreds, a heavily gang-infested area.

Zekey provides listeners some insight into how his hometown gets down. And sh-t can get real very fast. First, the word “trust” is not to be trusted.

“Better watch your back. Them n-ggas ain’t really your friends,” he warns listeners in the opening seconds of his new single.

Those who aren’t in Zekey’s tight circle of associates are what he calls “opps,” or the opposition.

The sound of gunfire is an everyday occurrence. Gangstas suffer insomnia due to lack of sleep. But it’s better to sleep with an eye open than exhaling one’s last breath.

“…The goons don’t never go to sleep. We so immuned to hearing click clack,” Zekey raps.

The Wild Hundreds native can get wild himself and is definitely not one for games.

“I play along, but don’t play around/Yo ass come up missing and never be found,” he raps.

Aside from the violence, it’s imperative to never wife a promiscuous woman, according to Zekey. In Chiraq, these low-grade women are referred to as “thots.”

Zekey doesn’t make the rules. He’s just a young n-gga trying to make it in the world of Chiraq.

This single will appear on Zekey’s forthcoming mixtape “Filter Free.” The project doesn’t have a set release date, but is slated to drop soon.

Listen to Zekey lay down G-Code in his new record “Born & Raised In Chiraq” below.

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