Yung Trell and DLO Count Bands In ‘Bossed Up’ Music Video

Yung Trell’s squad is full of bosses. Bossing up just comes second nature to the young spitter. Yung Trell tapped fellow shot caller DLO to style on viewers in their new Kevin & Toinne Productions music video.

Yung Trell and DLO boss up and count bands in this music video.

Trell opens this record, rapping, “I be out jugging, so I do not sit much/My fit cost a car note, my whip cost a mortgage.”

DLO follows Trell, rapping, “Hit me for a feature, I might charge a band/Taxing n*ggas like I’m uncle Sam/I love your b*tch cause she my favorite fan/10 racks up in my Robbin pants.”

If you want to learn how to boss your life up, check out Yung Trell and DLO’s music video above.