YP Que Is Anti-Opps In “WWU” Music Video

Everybody wants to beef with YP Que. But that’s only because they want to be Que, and their women want to be with Que.

The 21-year-old rapper is shining right now, so he knows he’s a target. But Que ain’t worried because the opps don’t want war with him or his guys.

The Bridgeport, CT artist flexes his confident demeanor in “WWU” as raps, “You little n****s don’t want war with us. Ain’t got no gun, can’t get in this car with us, I hope these tints is dark enough/Soon as we see em, get to sparking bruh/Hold up, hop out get to walking up, tote em like us, we don’t talk enough.”

YP Que promises to not only have bodies dropping in “War Wit Us,” but this track is sure to have listeners body rocking to this track.

Watch YP Que’s Jake The Shooter-directed music video above.