Young M.A Accused Of Finessing New Orleans Promoters Out Of $33K, Brooklyn Rapper Reacts

Young M.A is accused of finessing a New Orleans promoter out of $33,000. New Orleans man Tank Dawg Winston is claiming the “Ooouuu” rapper stole his money and ditched out on a scheduled performance at Studio 433.

Winston made his feelings on the matter known in a series of IG videos. He is also targeting M.A in a diss record on the “Ooouuu” beat.

The promoter said M.A wouldn’t perform because the crowd wasn’t big enough.

“It took me three weeks to get the drop from Young M.A,” he said in an IG video. “Young M.A got a f*****g attitude problem.”

The promoter said M.A ignored requests for a refund and left the City.

“I want my motherf****g money, M.A,” he said. “Me and my team Tank Dawg Records want our motherf*****g money.”

M.A has since taken Snapchat to respond to the allegations in a series of videos.

“I just want to give a shoutout to all my supporters,” she said. “If you f**k with me, please don’t believe everything you see in the media. Please. God knows, that’s all. So from now on, I’m gonna start making videos before every show on my Snap so you can see what’s up for real, for real. No bulls**t.”

“Listen, my job as an artist is to come through and show my supporters love, turn up, perform, whatever,” she continued. “All that other s**t, that’s behind the scenes, that has nothing to do with me.”