Young Jeezy Reacts To Lil Wayne’s Black Lives Matters Comments

Lil Wayne has upset many proponents of the Black Lives Matters movement after saying racism no longer exists.

Jeezy, who is good friends with Wayne, was asked his thoughts on Tunechi’s comments during an interview with Hot 97’s Nessa.

“Everybody has their opinion, but at the same time, people just might not understand. I’m not definitely coming to his defense because he is an adult. He understands what he’s doing,” Jeezy said. “People have to understand he’s been a superstar so long since he was a child. He might not be connected on that level. It is difficult because he’s been rich for a long time. He’s been living on his own island for a long time. Maybe it’s something he just don’t see.”

Lil Wayne has made bold claims in the past few months, stating racism, in his eyes, no longer exists.

Wayne’s ABC’s Nightline interview had many people in an uproar.

“What is it? What do you mean? That just sounds weird,” Wayne said in response to a question on BLM asked by Nightline’s Linsey Davis. “I don’t know, that you put a name on it… It’s not a name, it’s not, ‘whatever whatever.’ It’s somebody got shot by a policeman for a f*****d up reason.”

Weezy went onto says racism doesn’t exist in his world.

“I am a young, black rich motherf****r,” he continued. “If that don’t let you know that America understand black motherf*****s these days, I don’t know what it is. That man white, he filming me. I’m a n***a. I don’t know what you mean, man. Don’t come at me with that dumb s**t, man. My life matter. Especially to my b****s.”

Lil Wayne first expressed his thoughts on race during an appearance on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed.”

Tunechi was asked his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem by kneeling.

“I respect the man and his decisions. I have no opinion on it. I’m not into enough to even give an opinion.

Skip followed up this question to ask Wayne his thoughts on race relations in America.

Wayne says he has been blessed in his 33 years on earth.

“I have never — and never is a strong word – I’ve never dealt with racism,” he said.

Wayne expanded on his thoughts on racism during an interview with The Associated Press, saying a white officer saved his life when he was 12 years old.

“At the age of 12 years old I shot myself. I was in the house. Police knocked on my door. I was right there. They knocked the door down. Everybody jumped over my body to go get the guns and drugs and whatever they could find. It took one guy to stop right there and curse everybody that hopped over me out.

Wayne said the cop who saved his live was “white as snow.” He said the officers who hopped over him was blacker than him.

“I don’t know what racism is,” he said. “I know a good motherf****r named Uncle Bob, though.”