Young Famous and 600Breezy Drop ‘600 On Top’ Music Video

600 isn’t a fad. It’s a movement. Young Famous and 600Breezy are making sure of it. The two Team600 rappers collabed for their new song “600 On Top.”

Young Famous stays with a whopper. His guys got mondo burgers like Kel and Kenan.

Famous raps, “I am the champ, I’m so undefeated/My guns transform like Sam Witwicky from ‘Even Stevens’/If n-ggas want beef, they come and see me, I feel like I’m Arby’s.”

600Breezy raps, “Got a 4-5 with no kickback, I’ll walk up and push your sh-t back/LA Gang, b-tch we getting that/Smoke yo stupid a– like a swisher pack.”

Young Famous and 600Breezy are a dynamic duo. More collaborative joints are needed from them.