Yale University Student Charged with Negligent Homicide

Brendan Ross (center) with father (left) and Lawyer (right)

A Yale University student has been charged with negligent homicide months after a fatal car accident that left two women injured and another woman dead, Fox 4 reports.

Brendan Ross, 21, reportedly struck Nancy Barry, 30, during the Nov. 19 Yale-Harvard football game as he drove a U-Haul truck loaded with beer kegs. Ross allegedly hit the three women after accelerating his vehicle in the parking lot.

Ross was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol as he passed his sobriety test. The tragic incident prompted Yale University to impose several new rules, including a ban on beer kegs and use of oversize vehicles, Fox 4 reports. Students are also no longer permitted to tailgate past kickoff.

Ross was arraigned Monday. He faces a maximum of six months in prison.