Who Is Aiki?

Fans of the Chicago Bricksquad 069 movement commonly hear references to “Aiki” in music.

But many may be wondering who or what “Aiki” exactly is.

Aiki Muhammad, 17, was a South Side Chicago teen gunned down by a friend in a dispute over a hat during a house party.

Muhammad got into a heated argument with Donte Daniels for refusing to loan a hat to his friend.

Muhammad punched Daniels in the face for not obliging to his request. Daniels, in retaliation, pulled out a handgun and shot Muhammad four times.

Muhammad died five days later in the hospital.

Friends formed “Aikiville” in Muhammad’s honor following his death.

Bricksquad member Smylez wrote an anthem for the slain teen.

Smylez recently released his latest visual for the single “Aikiville (JoJo World)” from “The Villain” mixtape.

The visual, filmed by Mr. 2 Canons, is set in Chicago’s famed landmark “Navy Pier.”

Aikiville is an ode to Muhammad and Joseph “Lil’ JoJo” Coleman.

Lil’ JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, met his untimely demise after he was murdered Sept. 4, 2012 in a hail of gunfire in a drive-by shooting as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike.

Lil’ JoJo’s tragic murder gained national attention after Interscope rap artist Chief Keef mocked the teen’s death via Twitter.

“Aikiville” interlaces Coleman’s vocals in the track’s hook as he raps, “D-ville or no ville/D-Block or get shot.”

In “Aikiville,” Smylez raps, “B—-, it’s Smylez, yall know me/I’m 069 till the world blow/B—- n—– think the streets safe since God came and took JoJo/But I won’t go/I swear to god, my folk nem/They Bricksquad, I grew up here.”

Rapper Swagg, Li’ JoJo’s brother, fittingly makes a guest feature on track.

Swagg rips the track, rapping, “D-ville or no ville/ D-block or get shot/ Me and bro been real n—–/ Probably cuz we never had a pops/ JoJo wackin/ It get hectic, we catch a opp/In a lot of hoods, we got it locked/ We love the action, gun shots.”

The music video also features a special guest appearance from rising “drill” artist and fellow Bricksquad member P. Rico.

Check out Smylez’ “Aikiville (JoJo World)” music video below

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