VSU Alpha Phi Alpha Members Arrested And Charged With Hazing

Virginia State University has been rocked by yet another hazing allegation. This time around, it involves Alpha Phi Alpha, the nation’s first African American Greek-Lettered fraternity, according to progress-index.com.

Three university students affiliated with the fraternity were arrested, including VSU Student Government Association President Brandon Randleman, Leroy Amankrah and Christopher Barnes-Prevot.

William Nicholson, a non-student, was also arrested.

The alleged hazing incident occurred off-campus.

VSU was in the news several years ago for a hazing incident involving Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Former VSU student Christopher Rudder alleges he was approached in fall 2008 to join the fraternity and began his pledge process on Jan. 4, 2009.

Rudder subsequently filed a lawsuit against the blue and white fraternity.

The lawsuit states he suffered severe emotional stress from hazing acts that included: being punched and slapped in the chest, stomach and back; being kicked with a boot in the neck and groin; being forced to engage in extreme calisthenics to the point of exhaustion; being forced to drink water out of a shared bowl; being forced to pass a rotten egg by mouth to another pledge; being yelled and screamed at and called demeaning and humiliating names; and being interrogated in an intimidating and threatening manner.

Additionally, the lawsuit that was filed in Chesterfield Count Circuit Court states Rudder was forced to eat “unknown material” that made him vomit and had hot sauce poured onto his genitals

Rudder suffered severe damage to his buttocks after excessive paddling, CBS 6 reports.

Rudder’s health was also in peril as he contracted the bacterial infection MRSA.

According to Progress-Index, Rudder reached a settlement with the fraternity.