VonMar, K.O The God & Damo Drop ‘On Site’ Music Video

The year 2014 may not be looking to good for other rappers. Thot Boyz came back with some serious heat. The rap crew got a hit song for the masses that is sure to get listeners body rocking.

Thot Boyz came hard in “On Site.” VonMar anchors this track, lending his talents for the track’s hook, a verse and even the track’s visual as a videographer.

VonMar raps, “357 with a scope, red dot, don’t need no sight/Hopping in the steam with tint like everything gone be (fine?)/A lot of n****s scary, I can bench him, that’s mine/I bet he jumped, you be the next online/Talk is cheap, I’ll keep the money on mine.”

VonMar passes the baton to K.O the God who takes off, rapping, “A lot of n****a lying, they ain’t really totin that pipe/I been about that life, serving that green and that white/If I ever go broke, I’ma rob me a hype/Low key, I been in and out of jams with a 30 in my hand let a n***a know that/Reload fast, put a n***a in the can/Man man down, where is the stash.

Damo takes this track to the finish line, rapping, “100 street k, John a– n****s wont fight/OTB, catch a opp blow him on site (boom boom boom boom)/R.I.P, now yo whole face on sites/Thot boyz gon flying in the air like Mike/I’m known in the streets, b****h I earned my stripes.”

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