Uncle Ro Says Chief Keef’s Troubles Drove Him Away

Uncle Ro revealed the backstory of him and Chief Keef’s rise to fame in 2012 during an interview with MyMixtapez.

Ro credits himself with securing not only a multimillion-dollar deal for Sosa, but also a line of Beats Headsets with Interscope.

But somewhere during the pair’s rise to success, their relationship faltered.

Ro revealed he resigned from his duties as Sosa’s manager in 2014.

“Chief Keef said he fired me like a year ago. I quit two years ago. When I came to California, I left all them kid there. They followed me here. They kept on asking me to do stuff.

Ro said he no longer wanted to be associated with the problems around Sosa, including lawsuits and even murder.

“My oldest son go to school in Calabasas. An incident happened out here where somebody saying they was affiliated with the gang ended up getting killed out here. My son, one of his best friends, shout out TD, he’s friends with his kid, and when this story came out, they stopped being friends. That was like a real big turning point for me. You messing up my kid’s life with this stuff. That’s why I ran away from Chicago.”

Check out Ro’s interview in full above.