Two Women Allegedly Took Money From Shawty Lo’s Pockets After Car Crash

Shawty Lo lost his life at age 40 the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 21 in a car accident. The “They Know” rapper, whose real name is Carlos Walker, died after he was ejected from his vehicle during a fiery single-car accident on I-285 in south Fulton County.

Shawty Lo’s white Audi reportedly went over a guardrail, hit two trees and burst into flames.

TMZ is reporting two females removed a “bunch of cash” from the pockets of the lifeless Atlanta rap legend’s body with the approval of police on the scene. The women left behind “around” $16.

The women were taken to a local hospital with injuries.

TMZ also learned Shawty Lo, who died of blunt force trauma, was in possession of painkillers at the time of his death. Shawty Lo had a prescription bottle labeled “Promethazine” filled with Percocet and Vicodin. Shawty Lo also smelled of alcohol.

Shawty Lo’s official toxicology results are not in yet.

Shawty Lo left with two women from the Blue Flame Lounge prior to taking the road.

Shawty Lo’s body was taken to Blue Flame one last time before his home going service on Saturday, Oct. 1