TTB Nez Talks Relationship With Slain Brothers Stunna and Fat Head

TTB Nez frequently makes mention of slain comrades Stunna and Fat Head in music and social media posts. Nez opened up on his relationship with the two during an interview with Say Cheese TV.

“RIP Stunna, that’s my big brother,” he said. “He started me with doing this sh*t. I ain’t never start rapping until he died, which was two years ago. He was working. He was out in Vegas. He influenced me when he died.”

Nez went on to reveal he has a tattoo of Fat Head on his right arm.

“That’s my little brother from 51st and Cottage Grove,” he said.

Fat Head, born Antonio Davis, was only 14 when he was gunned down Friday, June 23, 2012.

TTB Nez is currently prepping the release of his debut mixtape “Life of a Demon.” According to Nez, the project is slated to drop this summer.