Trick Daddy Threatens Woman and Spits On Phone; She Reacts

#trickdaddy goin off 😳😂

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Trick Daddy wants some respeck on his name. Trick went off on a woman during a heated rant via social media earlier today:

“Who is this h*e talking to? Tell that b***h keep my name out yo mouth. B***h, fore I stick a pistol in yo mouth. P****y ass h*e. …Don’t make me come to your house, b***h. Do not play with me, h*e. You better get on here and recant everything you said. I swear before Jesus. B***h, I will bust yo head, and yo n***a head. Do not step to me about what no other b***h said in no comment on no post h*e. I can address anything I wanna address. I will pull yo lace wig off and drag yo raggedy ass.”

The mystery woman later issued a response to Trick Daddy’s threat on video.

“Who mouth you finna put a pistol in? …When you see me, do it,” she said. “…I’ll meet you wherever you wanna meet at. … I love n***a sh*t. I jump for n***a sh*t before I jump for h*e sh*t.”

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