Toronto Rapper Mo-G Brutally Beaten After Drake Ghostwriting Allegations

Toronto rapper Mo-G is in the hospital after enduring a serious beating. Mo-G took to IG to show his injuries, which features himself with a bloodied face as he lies in a hospital bed.

Mo-G hints his injuries were due to speaking out against Drake and OVO.

His caption read, “When you speak from your heart this is what happens… #Dirtysociety #Dirtyindustry.”

When you speak from your heart this is what happens… #Dirtysociety #Dirtyindustry

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Weeks ago, Mo-G posted a video calling out OVO for not paying him for his contributions.

“Have you ever in the history of Hip Hop a man who gives away his creativity and helps make Billboard hits, but doesn’t get paid a dollar or one credit for it?” he said. “You’re stuck in the hood. That doesn’t make sense, but exposing these n****s will make sense. F**k you b***h a– n****s.”

Mo-G would go on to call out an OVO affiliate Oliver El-Khatib.

“Oliver is a f*****g snake a– n***a, double-headed snake a– n***a,” he said. “Psychotic looking motherf****r a– n***a.”