The Lupe Fiasco Foundation Advocates Peace In ‘Streets On Fire-Peace For Hire’ Conference

Hip Hop entertainer Lupe Fiasco went straight to ground zero in Chicago to brainstorm strategies to promote peace in the violence-plagued city.

On Friday, March 1, Lupe held the “Streets On Fire- Peace For Hire” conference to hold an “intimate discussion for strategies for peace” in the Jacob Carruthers Center For Inner-City Studies.

Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter to express gratitude for those who made it to the event, calling it “powerful and enlightening.”

Lupe said the next step is to “plan.”

“Tonight’s event was nothing short of amazing. There’s work to be done in Chicago! Streets on Fire, Peace…

“Until they see radical change in the ways in which the ENTIRE city and EVERYONE in it responds to the violence in their lives.

For this entire month of March #LF will be donating his twitter and facebook to help in spreading information about this developing action.

“Last night the future of Chicago spoke loud and clear. They asked us to DO and so it must be DONE. ‪#The1stOfApril ‪#NoMoreFoolingAround ‪#CHI

“We heard the teens. We felt the shift. Now it’s time to plan and prepare for action. ‪#The1stOfApril ‪#NoMoreFoolingAround ‪#CHI