The Game Speaks On Beef With Lil Durk

The Game found himself in major hot water last year after he involved himself in Lil Durk’s beef with Tyga.

Game released his “Chiraq (Remix)” and claimed to have known Chicago OGs he had never met. What made matters worse was Durk was affiliated with those OGs he name dropped.

But Game has since admitted fault in the whole ordeal. Game spoke on how he squashed the beef with Durk in Los Angeles during an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast.

“When I ran into Durk, it was at a Rick Ross thing. We chopped it up and some people don’t understand in L.A., I could’ve smashed,” Game said. “I really could have. It wasn’t like I was in Chicago. If I was in Chicago, I would’ve been vulnerable. It’s like when I go to Philly, I’m vulnerable. We was in L.A. I chopped it up with Durk and he was 100 about everything. I was at fault cause I just jumped in. Tyga called me, and needed help and I just jumped in on some West Coast OG. I was at fault. I understood that. He wasn’t pressing the issue. I wasn’t tripping, so we squashed it like that.”

Watch Game’s interview at 23:00-minute mark.