The Game’s Manager, Wack 100, Says He Will Step Up To Fight Stitches

Wack 100 has proclaimed he will step up to fight Stitches. The Florida rapper announced he signed a contract with Damon Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing to step in the ring with The Game.

“I bet you is about to sign that contract cause ain’t no one else gon sign something with yo wack a–,” Wack said. “I put my hands on you, Stitches. Me and you run that back, so I can beat yo motherf*****g a– and whoop yo a– like the punk motherf****r you is. Me and you!”

Stitches offered to fight Game one-on-one after getting knocked out outside a Miami nightclub on Dec. 4.

“I’m bout to sign that contract with Damon, right now,” he said. “That celebrity boxing sh*t, boy. Anybody that wants to see me and The Game throw hands, comment below. Your manager hit me, but you didn’t. I got jumped, n***a, but you didn’t touch me. …Accept that fight, boy. Show everybody you can step in that paint. Show everybody you 100. You say you gon put them hands on me. I wanna see you do it, n***a.”