The Game Hints A Reunion With 50 Cent and G-Unit?

The Game’s time with 50 Cent and G-Unit was short-lived in the early 2000’s. Game switched up on the guys that signed him to promote his own camp Black Wallstreet. But an Instagram post featuring Game and Dr. Dre has many speculating whether a reunion is in the works.

The Game’s Blood Money Entertainment signee Pharaoh Jackson posted a video onto IG with Game and Dre turning up to music in the studio.

The caption on the post read, “The BEATLES AKA “G-UNIT” are joining forces again… “STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON” the movie captivated the Globe…. NOW what’s gone happen when we do the “G-UNIT” movie with all the drama… G-UNIT aka the Hip-Hop Beatles TOOK OVER THE WORLD, BUT EGOS CAUSED THEM TO BREAK UP PREMATURELY….#gunite #winnerscircle #bloodmoney #gunit #thegame #50cent #youngbuck #lloydbanks #tonyyayo #kiddkid #kingpharaoh #skemetheduke #wack100 #gmajic #nujerzeydevil #john316official.”

The Game told Skee TV in October he had no beef with Fif:

“Nah, you know what, I haven’t seen 50 in like 10 years. And I ain’t got no beef with him these days. I watch ‘Power’ sometimes. I think it’s a cool series. I’m into ‘Power’ and my Netflix and ‘Narcos’ and all of that. And ‘Empire,’ I watch ‘Scandal,’ but yeah, I ain’t got no beef with him. He’s gonna do his thing and obviously I’m doing my thing.”

Game collaborated with 50 Cent on the two classic records, “Hate It Or Love” and “How We Do.”

But Game’s relationship with G-Unit soon unraveled. Game released the “Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin” documentary, which took aim at 50 Cent and G-Unit.

He also released the hard-hitting “300 Bars” record.

Rumors of a possible reconciliation sparked when Game posted a photo of himself with Lloyd Banks in Dubai..

The caption on his post read, “Still.”

The Game later went on drunken rant on Instagram, revealing he was a fan of Fif’s Effen Vodka liquor beverage:

“@50Cent now n***a, I been quiet for 10 years…… But I’m off this Effen tonite cause the club ran outta whatever the f**k else I was drinking so I said f**k it… Me n this n***a used to be tigt as @Kehlani p***y [& no I haven’t f***d I’m just guessing it’s tight] so gimme that Effen since I ran thru 40 bottles of #AppleCiroc in #LeJardin tonite…. #iGotTheReceipt to prove it !!!!!! & then as I start drinking the #EFFENVODKA I thought to myself….. This bullsh*t is actually amazing……. As soon as I took my 1st shot I felt like everybody in the club had took the same 2 shots I did cause they were all staring at me, as if they needed me to give them some direction.. & what I do ???”

50 Cent downplayed any notion of reconciliation between himself and The Game during an interview with Danny Diaz of Power 98.

“It’s not easy for us to cross paths because I’m not going to step on you for no reason,” 50 Cent said. “Once we cross, it kinda stays like that with me. My granddaddy will ask you, ‘If it slither like snake, and it rattle like a snake, is it snake or do have to be bit realize it’s a motherf*****g snake?’ I be like, ‘Nah, it’s cool. It look like a snake to me.’ I don’t bring things back around that already bit me. You stay over there and do what you doing and I’m over here doing what I’m doing and leave it at that. What is the big deal. I can’t understand why they would wanna be cool.”

Fif says he doesn’t know what to make of The Game’s drunken rant on IG where he praised Effen Vodka.

“I don’t know what that is,” 50 said. “Sometimes you do stuff and you don’t know if you even mean it.”

Fif was then asked his thoughts on The Game’s photo with Lloyd Banks in Dubai.

The G-Unit boss said he “didn’t know what the goal was” with Game’s photo with Lloyd Banks.

“What does it change?” he asked.