Tay600 & Cdai Drop ‘Gang’ Music Video

Tay600 and Cdai collaborated for new single “Gang,” a Goofy Boy production. Slow Production captured the two rappers in the hallway and basement of their building getting straight to business.

Tay600 raps, “I’m on Calumet posted with the 40/Been doing s**t like that since we was shorties/I don’t need no f****n vest, I got my 40/So when you see me on the (?), I don’t got no worries.”

Cdai raps, “Pull up on a (?) with that eight/Knock his fucking teeth up off his face/I won’t wife a b***h, no I ain’t got no main/B***h, I’m Cdai 22, I do my thang/0-6-0, b***h, that be the gang/Got this 30 on me, I ain’t playing.”

Tay600 is currently prepping his solo debut mixtape “My Brothers’ Keeper.” No word on the project’s release date, but it is slated to drop soon.

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