Tay600 Announces Run For President, Wants To Lower Lean Prices and Make Selling Drugs Legal

Tay600 wants to run for president. He is not interested in making the world a better place, but rather a “higher place.”

Tay600, campaigning under the name TaySixObama, revealed his plan to lower the Lean prices while raising the prices of cigarettes to $30 a box. Tay’s reasoning for raising the price of cigarettes is because he “hates those s—-.”

Backwoods cigars, he says, would cost 85 cents per pack. Tay600 is against Black & Mild Cigarillos, though. He revealed plans to raise its prices.

“Black & milds are 40$ a box cus my parents Smoke it ….Dey Won’t Buy As Many If There That High,” he wrote on Twitter..

Tay600 also wants to lower the prices of marijuana. According to the Chi Town rapper, it would cost 50 cents a gram.

Furthermore, selling drugs would be legal during Tay600’s term.

Tay600 sounds ambitious, but doesn’t quite meet the qualifications to run for the Oval Office. A candidate has to be at least 35 years old to run for president.

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