Swagg Dinero Reveals He Caught A Fed Case For Having Choppers In Music Video


Fans may have wondered where Swagg Dinero has been for the past few months. Smylez shed some light on the matter in a Zack TV interview saying the “Have It All” rapper caught a pole case. But Swagg recently cleared the air on his absence in his own Zack TV interview revealing he caught a Fed case for having choppers in his music video.

“Just touched back down,” he told Zack TV. “B-tch ass feds snatched me up. Some video sh-t. Hip Hop police, man.”

“I didn’t get bumped for no pole case,” he explained. “If I catch another pole case, it’s ugly. I caught a fed cause I had some choppers in that video and sh-t. I’m fighting that sh-t now, though. They ain’t catch me with no choppers or none of that sh-t, though. They indicted me off a music video.”