Swagg Dinero and Killa Kellz Premier ‘How I See It’ Music Video

Swagg Dinero and Killa Kellz collaborated for a nasty record. The two Bricksquad artists spit A-1 bars in “How I See It,” a Smylez production.

Swagg and Kellz waste no time getting to work in their BRIvsBRI music video.

Swagg raps, “How can I trust you I can’t trust myself/G Boy, so I double G my belt/Flee boy sh-t, I don’t need no help/Call it how I see it, play what I dealt.”

Kellz is back and taking charge, rapping, “Killa don’t miss, he score/Keep big hammers on me like Thor/That glock a start kicking and bodies start flipping, leave dead bodies all on the floor.”

Only hours remain until Swagg releases his latest mixtape “Stop Playin 2.” Swagg announces the project would drop March 16.