Student Exposed Biting Prince Eazy’s ‘Try Me’ Bars

Biting lyrics is considered a Cardinal Sin in Hip Hop. One student thought he was slick when he was spitting Chicago artist Prince Eazy’s “Try Me” bars during a lunch table rap session.

Eazy wasn’t too pleased with this infraction.

“look at his goofy a–… #StealingMyLyrics,” he said in a statement to

He went on to write, “N*ggas be stealing my raps all over the world acting like dey wrote Em. Jus give me props dont rap my s**t like its urs smh #CLOWNSh*t.”

Eazy’s “Try Me” appears on his “Off Probation 2” mixtape. Stream/download mixtape below. Also be sure to watch Eazy’s “Try Me” music video.