Stitches Says His Gangster Persona Is Not An Act: ‘I’m A Real Street N*gga’

Stitches rose to fame after he got knocked out by The Game’s manager Wack 100. Many people have been quick to question the street cred of the tatted up white rapper who drops the N-bomb every chance he gets. But Stitches proclaims he’s really with the s—-.

The Miami rapper sat down with World Star Hip Hop to state his gangster persona is not an act.

“Brother, when you see a video of certain things, you ain’t seeing the sh*t that happens before that video,” he said. “You ain’t seeing sh*t in my perspective. …I know who I am. I’m a real street n*gga.”

Stitches touches on his beef with The Game in this interview.

“The day that Game wants to come and shoot a one-on-one – whether he wins, whether he loses – I will give him his props for being a real n*gga,” he said.

Check out Stitches’ interview in full above.