Stitches Responds To The Game’s Fight Deal

Stitches is not going for The Game’s proposed fight stipulations. The Florida rapper says he wants to fight Game, and Game only.

“Now, you starting to look like an author of a book with them big ass paragraphs you writing,” Stitches said. “I know you clearly saw that I wanna fight you and you only. Don’t let another n***a handle your beef for the second time, boy. Get in the ring. Ain’t nobody gon take your money. I want your head!”

The Game said he would fight Stitches on a few conditions. First, he has to fight his white boy @NickyDsss and win. Stitches would then have to sign a waiver, which bars him from suing Game or pressing charges:

“:#COMETOLA#iWILLBUYYOURTICKET funny how you pussy’s on my page saying fight a mothafucka that said “if we came to Miami, he was gone kill me”…. So we came to Miami, was comfortable & all over town & then my nigga @Wack100 knocked yo pussy ass out wit one punch…. Then his own homies whooped his ass the next day after he tied to run & got caught…… Honkin the horn, foot on the gas, in park Wack is 1/2 foot shorter & slept yo ass in front of the police…. Niggas know I’m out on bail & on trial facing 10 years so everybody tough knowing if I do anything I’m gettin locked the fuck up n taken from my kids…….. But if you really want mo ass whoopings…. I’ll fly you 1st class to California & @NickyDsss will fuck yo bum ass up #WhiteboyVSWhiteboy !!!! & if you don’t get yo ass knocked out…. I will fight yo pussy ass for FREE in the middle of the street after you sign a waver that you can’t sue me or press charges cause I’m tired of you pussy’s talkin tough on the internet then calling the cops & gettin lawyers after you get pounded out !!!! & all these lil 12 & 13 year old opie lookin ass fans you got gone get yo dumb ass hurt out here playing wit grown men !!!!”

Stitches announced earlier this week he signed a celebrity boxing match contract to fight Game.

“I dare any motherf****r to think they gon catch me slipping for a second time. This is an invitation for any f**k n***a that wants it,” he said. “…Come get me, p***y.”

“I’m bout to sign that contract with Damon, right now,” he said. “That celebrity boxing sh*t, boy. Anybody that wants to see me and The Game throw hands, comment below. Your manager hit me, but you didn’t. I got jumped, n***a, but you didn’t touch me. …Accept that fight, boy. Show everybody you can step in that paint. Show everybody you 100. You say you gon put them hands on me. I wanna see you do it, n***a.”

Stitches expressed in the caption of his IG posts that he will donate money earned from the event to charity:

“The more they hate the more money I make. People who make up lies are just frustrated that they have no way to be you. In the past week, I have learned a lot in my life. Glad everything happen. Theirs always a plan. Believe that. Thanks to my supporters. Music time. Money time. Stop making up lies about me cause they ain’t hurting nobody but your fingers lol. You about to see my career be better than ever sucker. Guarantee.

@losangelesconfidential time to prove to everybody that you can handle your own beef. We do this and donate the money to charity. End of discussion. @celebrityboxing. You know I will take you 1 on 1 fair like men do. Let’s get ittt. Don’t use the excuse of me suing you cause that will never be my intention plus this is all on contract. No suing.”

Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman took to IG to confirm Stitches signed the contract and that he is waiting on The Game to accept.

“Game, are gonna sign here? Step up,” he said.