Soulja Boy Wants To Be Friends With Chris Brown After Fight

The Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fight is scheduled to go down in March in possibly Los Angeles or Las Vegas. TMZ caught up with Big Soulja to understand his state of mind prior to the fight.

Soulja says the fight is not about the money, but rather his respect as a man.

“It’s not about the money at all. It’s about my respect as a man,” he said. “I was disrespected as a man. I was challenged to a fight. I accepted the challenge. It’s not about the money. I been making millions of dollars since I was 17 years old.”

Soulja says he main training focus is getting his breathing right because he smokes a lot.

Soulja is confident he’s going to win his bout, but wants to remain friends with Breezy.

“After the fight we can shake hands and be friends,” he said.