Soulja Boy Opens Up On Shooting Burglars: ‘I Could Have Been Dead’

Soulja Boy revealed to Vibe Magazine in 2010 he was involved in a shoot-out during a home invasion that took place at his Georgia home.

Soulja Boy again brought up the incident Wednesday night on Twitter.

Message written reveal how deeply the incident affected the “Money Counter” rapper.

Soulja said he was in fear of his life, which prompted him to shoot his home invaders

“When them niggaz ran in my crib. I knew I was dead. Think about it. I had to really shoot a nigga. that shit changed me forever. im sorry,” he wrote.

Soulja Boy, whose birth name is DeAndre Way, said if he didn’t take the appropriate actions he and his team would be dead.

“so for the people that say I changed. All i know if I didn’t shoot them niggaz me and my crew would be dead right now,” he wrote.

The incident proved to be life altering as it affected the SODMG frontman’s smoking habit and music.

“I don’t like to talk about it. but if you haven’t seen my movie. well now u know. I gotta do me! and thats it.

“people ask me why I smoke so much. or why I rap about the things I do now. because once you shoot someone that shit changes you forever

“So if you want to judge me and the person I am. Just know I didnt ask for that to happen to me. I was forced to shoot them niggaz,” he wrote.

Soulja said there were four assailants, but was only able to shoot two of the perpetrators. He said he struck one robber five times.

“I was the only nigga with a pistol. niggaz ran in 4 of my homies could of died. So I shot at all them niggaz. shit fuck wit me everyday.

“I shot at all them niggaz. And hit two of them. One of the niggaz more than 5 times. I get threats and all that shit but Im still going!

“I could have been dead. thats why I live life the way I do. alot of people say i’m too nice. some say i’m too cocky. im happy to be here,” he wrote.

Soulja told Vibe Magazine he didn’t want to discuss the shooting because his label at the time, Interscope Records, thought it would affect his brand due to his young fan base.

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