Soulja Boy Challenges Quavo To $10K Fight, Claims Migos Rapper Stole His Flow

Soulja Boy has been going at Quavo’s head for the past week. Soulja is now challenging Quavo to a fight for $10,000.

“Quavo, I got $10,000 cash for you to pull up, get your b***h a– knocked out,” he said. “It was your idea to fight. I send you the address, you scared to fight.”

Soulja continued his threats on his Twitter account. Soulja even went as far as saying Quavo stole his style.

Soulja wrote on Twitter, “Quavo stole my flow. All his song sound like Gucci bandana. Especially Hana Montana.”

Soulja provided proof for his claims, saying the Atlanta trio’s hit song “Versace” came from his song “OMG Part 2.”

Soulja wrote on Twitter, “I started YGRN Migos came stole my s**t and made it YRN. And they stole the Versace beat from my song ‘OMG part 2.’ They some f**k n****z.”

Check out Soulja’s rant in full below: