Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty Beef Got Lil Bibby Weak

The Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty beef provided great entertainment for fans over the weekend. Lil Bibby was among those who were very much entertained.

Bibby was weak while streaming the Soulja Boy’s rant.

Soulja and Yachty’s issues began over India Love.

Soulja Boy has since ended his beef with Yachty. Soulja was tripping because he had no marijuana or lean in his system.

Soulja posted a video onto social media calling off the beef.

“Lil Yachty, you know I love you bruh. I just needed to smoke a blunt bro,” Soulja said. “You know how big Soulja start tweaking when he ain’t got no weed. I’m back to myself, lean and gas. They like, ‘Damn, Soulja Boy was tweaking.’ B***h, I was on the road with no drugs.”

“I ain’t got no beef with nobody,” Soulja continued. “That Lil Yachty s**t. That Sizzle s**t. I ain’t no b***h. I done shot n****s. I done beat n****s ass. Lil Yachty, let’s squash the s**t. The Lil Yachty beef over.”

Lil Yachty clapped back at Soulja during his performance at the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, Texas.

Yachty had 10,000 fans in the audience scream “F**k Soulja Boy.”