Smylez Says Industry Is Eating Off Chiraq Sound

Chiraq producer/rapper Smylez won’t sit idly by while the industry swagger jacks the sound his hometown birthed.

But even Chi Town artists weren’t safe from Smylez’s criticism. Smylez alleged fellow artists are mimicking industry artists’ sound while outside artists are eating off theirs.

“Instead of Sticking To The Sound We Created These N-ggaz Wanted To Rap Like Migos And Rich Homie Quan, Now Everybody Else Eatin Off Our Sound But Us SMH,” he wrote on Twitter.

Chiraq influence can be heard all over the radio, internet and television.

Some critics have alleged O.T. Genesis tapped the Chiraq well for his viral song “CoCo.”

Swagg Dinero’s manager Doogie is one such critic who alleged O.T. bit P. Rico’s “Aiki” ad-lib.

“ERYONE on the #Chiraq style now. Even O.T. Genasis in ‘CoCo’ says ‘36 that’s a kilo’ then ad-libs ‘a key’ aka #AIKI cmon bruh & a fake accent,” he wrote.

Later in the record, listeners can hear O.T. use FBG’s popular “Woo Woo” ad-libs.

Shmurda has long been criticized for having a sound similar to Sosa.

Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel are the least bit worried about the criticism over their style of music. The Brooklyn artists sat down with Cipha Sounds to address the comparison of their music to Chief Keef’s drill sound.

“I don’t care about none of that,” Rowdy Rebel said. “You just do what you gotta do.”

“People gon talk,” Bobby added.

Bobby Shmurda has long denied his music having any Chicago influence.

According to Village Voice, some people have dubbed his style of music as “New York Drill.”

“…We did this before we heard of drill,” he said. “We’ve been rapping even before we heard of Chicago. To tell you the truth, I ain’t really know about Chicago until Chief Keef and em. We’ve been doing what we’ve doing before. I’m 20. I’ve been in the streets since like 10.”

Shmurda cites Gucci Mane and Lil Boosie as his influences.

“…I grew up listening to Gucci,” he told Global Grind. “A lot of New York people… on my block a lot of people don’t listen to what I listen to. Out my car, you hear Boosie playing. I grew up Down South, too. My daddy and my family, everybody Down South.”

50 Cent recently stated Bobby’s music draws influence from Sosa during his Power 105 interview with Angie Martinez.

“When I saw him dancing and everything in the joint, I was like yo I couldn’t stop thinking of the little homie Chief Keef,” he said. “To me, that sound is his sound… the drill music.”

Fif went on to say some artists lack originality in this era of Hip Hop.

“It’s showing how a culture’s trending instead of having originality necessary for you to mean something to our culture back when I fell in love with it,” he said. “You had to be your own thing, your own sound even if didn’t make sense half of the time.”

DJ Drama recently weighed in on the recent success of the 20-year-old Brooklynite during an interview with Vibe. Drama commented Shmurda reminds him of Chiraq.

“He reminds me of Chicago-ness,” Drama told Vibe. “It’s kinda wild watching New York artist who have aspects of other rappers from other places. It just shows you how the game comes full circle.”

Drama praised Shmurda’s “Shmoney Dance.”

“The dance is hot… It’s been a minute since New York had a dance. I watched a couple of the videos. I like what he’s doing. I like his personality and his name, Shmurda.”

Bobby Shmurda and O.T. aren’t the only East Coast rappers accused of biting Chi Town’s style.

Prince Eazy alleged Meek Mill stole his style of flow.

Eazy elaborated on the circumstances surrounding his growing beef with the Philly native in a video interview.

“Chicago hot right now, you a f*****g fool to think these n****s is not watching our music, taking sh*t cause we ain’t on,” he said.

Eazy backed up these claims with a line uttered by Rick Ross in Jay-Z’s “F*ck With Me You Know I Got It.”


“The way I rapped on ‘Cash Only’ with Chief Keef…that’s my shit. With any technique, if it’s basketball, whatever, when you come up with a style and a n***a take yo shit, you gone feel some type of way,” he said.

Prince Eazy collaborated with Munnie and Sosa for the viral music video that was posted online on April 15, 2012 and has over 250,000 views.

Eazy challenged anyone to bring forth footage showing Meek Mill being original with his style.

“If u think @meekmill been rapping with a highpitch voice since 16 upload the footage i wanna see it lmao #dickriders,” he wrote.

Footage posted online nearly four years ago provides proof of Eazy’s claims that he is the originator of his lyrical delivery and style.

Prince Eazy has since been on a mission to use his bars and witty wordplay to go after Meek.

Eazy gave Meek a verbal lashing in “Dream Killer,” his “Dreams and Nightmares” diss track.

He passionately slammed Meek, purporting the Maybach rapper bit his style after viewing his “Cash Only” music video.

“Remember me! When you was on YouTube watching that n***A Keef!?/Heard me and Sosa song and start to mimic me!/So he high pitched fast flow and he doing me/My nigga doing me/F**k you gon say you ain’t know/That s**t a be a joke,” he raps.

Eazy “aint catching no p****y like Pepe Le Pew” in his “Versace” Remix.

Eazy again rips Meek a new one, rapping, “Versace, Versace, I catch Robert Williams, I’m catching a body/For stealing my style and running with it, boy you know that you copied/He sacrifice Snupe, so he can cash out and cop a Bugatti/So it’s plain to see Meek officially joined Illuminati/Just give me a Molly, I spray his ass down like Mr. Miyagi/Shoot Meek in the face with the 50 and shotty.”

Eazy remixed Meek’s “Burn” to murk the track with his brand of tenacious lyricism.

Prince Eazy hits the track first repping his South Side neighborhood, rapping, “Englewood transit/ Chiraq, Killanoize/I ain’t with the talking motherf*cking you can kill the noise/Before I pick that mac up, bullets rip your back up/These hollow tips up in my clip, this shit a flip a mack truck.”

Eazy goes on to the up the ante on the track, rapping, “L’s up for them hitters, my young n****s gon get em/We follow n****s like Twitter and come through their window like Vista!”

In the visual, Prince took a diss tactic out of 50 Cent’s book after having a child actor play with a doll version of Meek Mill. The doll is even wearing a fake Maybach chain. Wording on the doll’s packaging reads, “Meek The Copy Cat.” Prince then proceeds to throw the doll in the trash.

Many Hip Hop heads would find this scene reminiscent of 50 Cent’s “Wanksta” music video where the Jamaica Queens rapper’s son is seen playing with a doll version of Ja Rule. Fif, too, throws away the doll at the conclusion of the video.

Eazy commented on Twitter he is not beefing with Meek Mill and will not base his career off of the “Levels” rapper.

“Ain’t no beef with me & @MeekMill I felt like he took my flow so I dissed em other than that I’m not fenna base my career on dissin him #Rns,” he said.

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