Smylez Says He Was Present When ‘Thot’ Was Created In Englewood, South Side Chicago

Smylez says he witnessed the iconic word being created.

“I was there the day thot got created,” Smylez told Zack TV. “That sh-t came from the Southside. Englewood. I was there when my shorties and nem start saying it. All our sayings went global.”


Thot, coined by Chicago’s urban residents, is a negative term for a promiscuous woman.

Chief Keef took to Twitter to break down the meaning of “Thot.”

“Thot = That H– Over There Thots = Them H— Over There,” he wrote.

Chief Keef commonly uses the term in his music.

In “My N—–,” Chief Keef raps, “B*tch, I got a lot of f*cking thots.”

Thots have been the theme of Chief Keef’s music lately.

Chief Keef’s past thot anthems include “Love No Thotties” and “Lots Of Thots.” Chief Keef latest ode to these women is “Thots Gone Krazy.”

Popular producer Young Chop sat down with TMI to define the term.

“Thot is a girl that like to give herself up quick…like the first day you meet her,” the “I Don’t Like” Producer said. “A ‘thotiana’ is a skrag of all skrags.”