Slim Jesus To Open For Lil Bibby In St. Louis

Slim Jesus’ fame is no longer looking to last only 15 minutes. The white “Drill Time” rapper might be here to stay. Slim recently revealed to the world he got an opportunity of a lifetime to open up for Chiraq artist Lil Bibby.

Slim posted the flier onto his IG account.

Slim will be performing at the Lux Theatre in St. Louis on Oct. 17.

Slim wrote in his caption, “October 17th St Louis Go buy your tickets now at”

Lil Bibby happens to be a fan of Slim Jesus. The “Free Crack 3” rapper doesn’t find criticism against the 18-year-old Hamilton, OH native cool.

Bibby took to Twitter to defend Slim against mounting criticism. Bibby posted a video of another white rapper mocking Slim with a caption, reading, “What they on wit you Slim?”

He added, “Why they dissing my youngin.”

Bibby shared Slim’s “Drill Time” music video the day it trended on Twitter.

Bibby wrote, “#MyLilOne Slim Jesus- Drill Time #YoungSlim.”