Slim Jesus Calls Chicago MB Jesus A Fan: He Couldn’t Even Get In The Club

Slim Jesus sat down with Complex to speak on his confrontation with Chiraq goons at A3C. The man who stopped Slim refers to himself as MB Jesus. MB told Slim to tell people that he was the real Jesus.

“I don’t know who that dude is,” Slim told Complex. “He’s yelling my name when we walk in the club. For one, he couldn’t even get into because he’s standing outside. We come back out. Actually, he’s a fan. He has me like come over and, ‘Hey, come here, come here,’ and then he tries to flame on camera. So my cameraman stuck his arm between him and pull me out. I hit a spin move and walked off. There was no ‘I needed more security.’ There were people there and nothing was about to happen.”

Slim then issue a direct statement to MB Jesus.

“Build your own hype,” he said. “Don’t try to eat off mine.”

The “Buck Buck” rapper also spoke on the incident during an interview with ThisIs50 Radio.

“If you look in that video, you see my cameraman pop out right from behind me, puts his arms between us and I walked off,” Slim said. “There was nothing about to happen there. …I got security, don’t worry about it. If my cameraman didn’t have a camera in his hand… it’s all good. I got people with me wherever I go. No shots at dude or nothing cause I don’t beef with nobody. I don’t need security, I’m cool.”