Sixth-Graders Fall Ill after Using Drugs During School

Police are investing an incident that involved several middle school students falling ill from ingesting prescription drugs, KSLR 12 reports.

A sixth-grader reportedly brought a powdery substance to school to share with friends at Ashdown Junior High School in Ashdown, AR.

Ashdown Police Chief Doyle Crouch told KSLR 12 that the students had to seek medical attention after taking the drugs.

At least one student, he said, was taken to a Texarkana hospital and others were checked out by a doctor at the school.

“Some of them thought it was candy but we are just taking statements from everyone who were involved. And we are sorting out the facts,” he said. “We do believe that it was a good possibility that it was a prescription medication that the student was able to acquire and took to school.”