Shyne Slams New York City’s ‘Stop-And-Frisk’ Program

Shyne, a Brooklyn native, is speaking out against NYC’s controversial stop-and-frisk program that was recently ruled unconstitutional.

The “King of NYS” rapper referred to the measure as the “Systematic criminalization of the dark races.”

The measure has been in place for a decade under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration.

An Aug. 12 decision by U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin struck down the city’s controversial practice putting an end to what many regarded as a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches, seizures and arrests.

Many minorities, particularly Black and Hispanics, were targeted under the initiative.

Judge Scheindlin commented unconscious bias was a considerable factor in the reprimanding of minorities.

NYPD data commissioned by the Center for Constitutional Rights reveals officers check “Furtive Movements” in 48 percent of the stops of blacks and 45 percent of the stops of Hispanics, but only 40 percent of the stops of whites.

The number of stop and frisk incidents reached a 10-year high in February 2011 with over 684,330 people stopped, a 600 percent increase sinces the program’s inception in 2002, according to statistics compiled by

A vast majority of males, 92 percent, were reportedly stopped, with 87 percent being black or Latino.

Bloomberg touts the success of the program citing lower crime and has filed an appeal.

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