Shyne Says He Is About ‘Black Power’ & ‘Empowering The Comrades’

DJ Will of Vlad TV joked Shyne looked gangster in an Instagram photo where he is posing in a red bandanna.

Shyne told the personality wearing red wear is nothing new for him.

“Vladtv_djwill come on sonlook at my Bonnie & Shyne videoI had on all red then I’m bout that black powerSome of my comrades is blue some red

“@Vladtv_djwill before wayne or game or any of these kids was blooding I was living that, I’m about empowering the comrades now! Philanthropy,” he wrote.

Shyne turned his back on gangbanging to promote positivity. The “Gangland” rapper has been vocal in his opposition to the senseless murder rate in Chicago.

Shyne took President Obama to task regarding his lack of concern for the rising homicide rate.

It appears Shyne’s passionate plea created a snowball effect for change.

The homicide rate for the first four months of 2013 is down 42 percent, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

City officials told the Sun-Times it is the first time the department reported fewer than 100 murders for the first four months of the year since 1963.