Shyne Backs Gangster Disciples’ Beef with Rick Ross

Rapper Shyne doesn’t like the false image Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross is portraying.

Notorious street gang Gangster Disciples have issued repeated threats to Rick Ross. The GDs are angered by the Maybach Music Group rapper’s use of their six-point star on the album cover for his “Black Bar Mitzvah” mixtape.

“If somebody doing something they aint supposed to do, then you got to call it,” Shyne said in an interview. “The GDs say only the GDs and Jews can rep that.”

Shyne took to Twitter to post a video exposing Rick Ross.

“GD’s got rapper Shyne’s Bacc (officer Rick Ross Beef) f#%^ the Police! Even if he make good raps trying to b me!” he wrote.

In an interview on WEDR-FM 99 JAMZ, Rick Ross told host Felisha Monet he isn’t scared of threats he is receiving from the notorious street gang Gangster Disciples.

“I’m a certified man. I’m a real boss,” Rick Ross said in a radio interview. “Gangsters move in silence. In situations like that I remember something a old school Dayton County gangster told me a long time ago. Any dude can stand in a crowd with 30, 40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody about that life, everybody gangster, you understand. But when those choppers come out, everybody fold.”

But more importantly, he said, anybody that understand that anything about GDs… it’s all about Growth and Development.

“Anybody that knew anything about the old man Mr. Hoover… that’s why I put him in my song because I respected his scriptures… philosophies,” he said. “It’s all about support. It’s all about coming up. It’s just not about somebody… who got a personal vendetta and that’s something we’re going to address. Other than that, that’s not the case.”

“I was just in Chicago a week and a half ago,” he said. “That’s the birthplace of the GDs. And if I can go to Chicago to handle my business like I did, I have no problem going to North Carolina or South Carolina.”

Rick Ross told Monet he is “certified worldwide” and can put a “thousand gangster in any city.”

But Ross says that’s not what he’s here for.

“I’m here to make stars,” he said. I’m here to make icons. I’m here to break records. I’m here to be Grammy nominated. To me, rich is gangster, loyal is gangster, family is gangster. If that’s not gangster, I don’t want to be gangster. I’ma boss. I went from nothing to being a $50 million man.”

Ross said his recent concert wasn’t cancelled due to gang threats. He blames the cancellation of the concert on promoter Sean G.

“Sean G. wasn’t handling business,” he said. “You can’t cancel a Ricky Rozay show without Ricky Rozay permission.”

Rick Ross said he isn’t afraid to step in any city.

“If I go to Chicago, I’d go anywhere, so don’t get it twisted,” he said. “When you pull up the footage of me walking out in Chicago on the stage with the chinchilla dragging on the floor, you let me know if that’s the swagger of someone that’s in fear of their life!”

Rick Ross addresses GD controversy in interview