Second Black Man, Philando Castille, Fatally Shot By Police This Week

A second man has been shot and killed by police this week. Philando Castille, 32, was shot and killed during a traffic stop Wednesday night in Falcon Heights, MN.

Castille and girlfriend Lavish Reynolds were stopped for a broken tail light. Reynolds, who captured the aftermath of the shooting, said her Castille had a permit for his weapon and informed the officer he was armed. Reynolds said Castille was reaching for his ID upon the request of the officer when he was shot.

The video shows the officer pointing a gun at the couple from outside the car. The officer can be heard saying, “I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand out.”

Castille was transferred to Hennepin County Medical Center was he died.

Castille worked as a cafeteria worker at J.J. Hill School for over a decade.

Watch graphic video above.