SD To Drop ‘She Want Me’ Music Video Starring Lanipop

A certain woman wants SD and that woman happens to be the sexy Lanipop. Lanipop was SD’s actress of choice for his latest single “She Want Me.”

SD tapped A Zae Production to hook up the visual for this project.

A Zae leaked a brief snippet of the track onto his IG account. SD can be seen draped in a bathrobe as Lanipop caresses him on a bed inside a hotel room.

The visual looks to stay within the theme of SD’s track where he raps, “She stay on me, yeah she want me/Where yo homie?/Yo bitch she all on me/Yeah we growin, yeah we smoking, yeah we blowin/Don’t start us, bitch dont start us, we leave yo body left out in the garbage/I’m like monster, I smoke ganja/Yeah we rollin/Yeah we rollin/Bitch I get paid and you know that I got it I be wildin/I got a daughter so i gotta be on it.”

The visual is slated to drop soon.

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