Sasha Go Hard Is In Her Own ‘Nutty World’ In Mixtape

It’s not that too far fetched to describe Sasha Go Hard’s musical talents as out of this world.

The mixtape cover for “Nutty World,” which illustrates an android Sasha surrounded by aliens and UFOs in a wheat field, may just accurately convey the 21-year-old’s artistry.

Sasha should perhaps change her name to Sasha Go So Hard because that’s what she exactly did in her Young Haz-produced opening track “Go So Hard” exclaiming her perseverance and unrivaled ambition in the rap game.

“I’ma go so hard that a b*tch can’t take my seat/I’m go so high that I gotta stay fresh to the top go down to the feet/I’ma do me/Shawty mad cause he can’t come do me/Shut up b—-, he come to me/B—- keep hating, I’ma keep moving.

“…I’ma go so hard/To the top gotta touch them stars/I been there, I done that before/Get to this money I wanna get more/I bet I succeed as long as I lead my team will eat/I do this for me and mines, why not/I top the spot/I’m hot, no pot.”

Sasha is so sure of her skills that she boasts a bit of arrogance. This holds true in track two as she does what title says- “Spaz Out.”

Sasha spazzes out in the Skillz On The Beat-produced track, rapping, “These ni**as talking like b*tches cause they can’t cash out/And b*tches bummy, no money, can’t be my mascot/I’m in the fast route/Watcha ni**a pass out/Put me on the show, them tickets go, cause I’m the best out.”

Check out Sasha’s “Nutty World” vlog below

With the spotlight being on Sasha in this project, the femcee kept her guest features to a minimum. But she does get some assistance from 15-year-old emcee Matti Baybee in “Throwing Bandz.”

The two trade bars and throw bands in the hustlers’ themed, Young Haz On The Beat-produced track.

Matti anchors the track, rapping, “My gold chain Versace/I got bands, call me Katie/My money old like Jay-Z/Try to g me, leave you singing like JoJo and K-Ci.”

Sasha follows, rapping, “I cop my own grand/Independent my brand/These b*tches dough, they slow/They budget low, f—— for rent/Losers, kay watch me win/Shop and spend cause I can.”

Sasha has grown immensely as an artist primarily due to forging her “Own Lane” in the music industry. Sasha’s fan base continues to grow because she makes it a personal obligation to be authentic.

It is this authenticity that makes it effortless for Sasha to “Keep It 100.”

A personal favorite track in the mixtape is the Tony Roche-produced “Rondo,” which happened to be Sasha’s lead single.

Sasha dropped hardcore bars in the track, rapping, “I rather chase a band, than look stupid chase a man/These b——, they not friends/ try to snake me that’s the end/ That’s my plan, that’s my word/If you hurt me, then you hurtin/Why lose when I put in work?”

Sasha has been doing her thing and her blueprint to success has been pretty much effective. With that being said, why would she give a care about what a hater has to say?

Sasha answers that in the Tony Roche-produced track “Give No F—,” rapping, “I refuse to give em a f—/I’m wishing them luck/I’m counting my bucks/He want to be loved, but I do not hug/Don’t know who to trust.”

Check out “Give No F—” official music video below

Sasha is continuing to perfect her musical craft. As expected, Sasha continues to deliver tough blows with her lyrical ability.

Despite her confident demeanor, Sasha is never shy to express humility as she thanked her supporters and team for helping her pursue her dream.

“I wanna say thanks to everyone who made it this far with me and to those who will stand by my side in the future.

I wanna give a special shout out to Phillip Roche, my family, my fans, Steve (Engineer), all the producers who made it on the tape and everyone who rocking with me,” Sasha wrote in the credits of project.

Stream/download Sasha Go Hard’s “Nutty World” mixtape

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