S.Dot Got A Hotty Twerking In The Trap In ‘In Dis House’ Music Video

You can find S.Dot posted “In Dis House.” That house would be the trap spot. But it wouldn’t be a true trap spot if there weren’t a big booty hotty twerking in the kitchen.

Dot has all the makings of a trap in his Prince 485-directed music video.

Dotarachi raps, “Keep them back windows open cause when 12 come I’m dipping/Got pints of the red, so don’t ask me what I’m sipping/Feds watching from a distance.”

This RiccoOnTheBeat-produced single appears on Dot’s “CMD 1.5,” which is now available for purchase on iTunes. Dot’s project features 13 tracks with features from Mike Notez, Tay600, 600Breezy and more.

Watch above.